All *New* BSNL USSD Codes List 2018 (Update)

BSNL USSD Codes –  In this post I will show you all new and most used USSD codes of BSNL. Every BSNL user always and every day check mobile balance. So it is should me necessary to know What is the BSNL USSD Codes.

Basically I want to help of BSNL user who daily suffer to fin best and needs to search USSD codes. I sure if you to read our post codes then your every problem solve related BSNL USSD Codes.

So, What You are Waiting?

What is BSNL USSD Codes

bsnl ussd codes

First I want to tell you What is BSNL USSD Codes, USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) It is the services provider. When you dial USSD codes for looking mobile balance and many more than company reply to you message with your current balance and Give you information what you search codes.

BSNL USSD is the network services which work for user. This USSD codes are used by every company in communication fields. This services are helpful for user. It help to make easy to used BSNL SIM and other Company.

Now I will show you USSD codes Table and Latest coeds which help to you in 2018.

Let’s Start Reading Table.

All in one Table BSNL USSD Codes 2018

BSNL USSD CodesDetails
Dial *123#For Balance Check
Dial *123*5#For Net Balance
Dial *123*5#For 3g data balance
Dial *123*5#For BSNL 2G Balance Check
Dial *123*8#For Night GPRS Balance
Dial *123*1# or *123*5# or *125#For SMS Balance
Dial *123*10# or *123*1# or *123*6#For GPRS Data Plan
Dial 9400024365For Customer Care
Dial 18003451500 Or 1500For Customer Care Executive
Dial *123#For Validity Check
Dial 164 or *8888#For Check Your Number
Dial *456*61#For Gurbani Activation
Dial *456*62#For Gurbani deactivation
Dial *456*636#For Health Tips activation
Dial *456*637#For Health Tips deactivation
Dial *123*9#For Video call Balance Check
Dial *456*98#For Bollywood deactivation
Dial *456*55#For Cricket activation
Dial *456*56#For Cricket deactivation
Dial *456*508#For General Knowledge activation
Dial *456*509#For General Knowledge deactivation
Dial *456*507#For Motivational Quotes Deativation
Dial *456*94#For Myths Activation
Dial *456*95#For Myths deactivation
Dial *456*31#For News activation
Dial *456*32#For News deactivation
Dial *456*21#For Astrology Activation
Dial *456*22#For Astrology Deactivation
Dial *456*96#For Auto Activation
Dial *456*97#For Auto deactivation
Dial *456*500#For Beauty tips Activation
Dial *456*501#For Beauty tips deactivation
Dial *456*99#For Bollywood activation
Dial *456*77#For History activation
Dial *456*78#For History Deactivation
Dial *456*01#For Mega Pack activation
Dial *456*02#For Mega Pack deactivation
Dial *456*506#For Motivational Quotes Activation

Best All BSNL USSD Codes in 2018

All best USSD Codes Code Number
For BSNL Main Menu Dial *124#
For BSNL Balance/Recharge/STV/ FnF/ Plan change Dial *124#
For BSNL Balance and Validity check code Dial *123#
For BSNL Last call/SMS/GPRS enquiryDial  *102#
For BSNL USSD base VAS Services Dial *789#
For BSNL Customer care numberDial  1503
FOr BSNL balance transfer code No balance transfer service
BSNL credit talktime loanDial  *518#
For BSNL Account Balance and validity Check CodeDial *123# or *124*1#
BSNL (know) Own Number Check CodeDial *222# OR *888# OR *1# (Different Circles)
For BSNL Recharge with paper coupon Code Dial *123*2*<Voucher Code>#
For BSNL Current Call Rate and Plan Voucher Check CodeDial  *123*3#
For BSNL Last 5 Calls Detail Check Code Dial *123*4#
For BSNL free minutes balance Check USSD Code Dial *123*5#
BSNL VAS Deactivation USSD CodeDial  *777#
For BSNL All STV Balance Enquiry detail Check CodeDial  *123*16#
For BSNL balance Enquiry USSD CodesDial  *124*1#
For BSNL Recharge by Card USSD CodesDial  *124*2#
For BSNL Last Call USSD CodesDial  *124*3#
For BSNL Tariff plan Check USSD Codes Dial *124*4#
For BSNL Special Tariff Voucher Check USSD Codes Dial *124*5#
For BSNL Special Tariff Voucher Subscribe USSD Codes Dial *124*5# and proceed to 1
For BSNL Special Tariff Voucher Inquiry USSD CodesDial  *124*5# and proceed to 2
For BSNL FnF (Friends and Family Promotional Plan) FnF View USSD Codes Dial *124*6# and proceed to 1
For BSNL FnF (Friends and Family Promotional Plan) FnF Add USSD Codes Dial *124*6# and proceed to 2
For BSNL FnF (Friends and Family Promotional Plan) FnF Modify USSD Codes Dial *124*6# and proceed to 3
For BSNL Last 5 Call Check USSD Codes Dial *124# and proceed to 7 and select option
For BSNL ThirdParty Recharge USSD Codes Dial  *124# and proceed to 7 and select option
For BSNL Language Check and Other Help USSD Codes Dial  *124# and proceed to 7 and select option


All USSD BSNL Code Number
For BSNL FnF View Check Code <FNFVIEW> To 123
For BSNL FnF ADD Check Code <FNFADD> To 123
For BSNL FnF Modify Check Code <FNFMOD> To 123
For BSNL Balance Enquiry Check Code <BAL> To 123
For BSNL Scratch Card Recharge Check Code <SCR> To 123
For BSNL Last 5 Calls Details Check Code <HISTORY> To 123
For BSNL Third Party Recharge Check Code <TPR> To 123
For BSNL Bundle Enquiry Code <STVINFO> To 123
For BSNL Bundle List Check Code <STVHLP> To 123
For BSNL Bundle Subscription Check Code <STVSUB> To 123
For BSNL Modify Language Check Code <MLANG> To 123
For BSNL Current Tariff Plan Check Code <CTP> To 123
For BSNL List Tariff Plan Check Code <LTP> To 123
For BSNL Modify Tariff Plan Check Code <MTP> To 123
For BSNL Help Message <HELP> To 123

Other Best BSNL Codes

BSNL USSD Code Number
For Bsnl VAS (Value Added Services) USSDDial  *789#
For Bsnl Caller Tune ServiceDial *567#
For Bsnl VAS Pack Activation USSDDial *543
For Deactivate BSNL VAS Services Send SMS “STOP” to 155223
For Bsnl FnF number enquiry codeDial  *124*6#
For Bsnl Internet Data Balance check Dial *124#
For Bsnl customer care mobile numberDial 1503 or 1800-180-1503
For Bsnl call detail check codeDial *124#
For Bsnl balance and validity check codeDial  *123*1#
For Bsnl minute balance check code Dial *123*2#
For Bsnl SMS Balance check code Dial *123*1# or *123*5# or *125#
For BSNL GPRS Data balance check codeDial  *123*10#
For BSNL Network callDial *123*5#
For Bsnl Video call balance check code Dial *123*9#


These all are the beat and most used in 2018 and in future this USSD codes also used. Select any one Coeds which you need to search out . So, simply copy codes number and dial. Then message return by the BSNL company and now you have information on mobile screen.

I hope you find USSD codes which you search in google and solve every problem of you.If you have any problem regarding bsnl ussd codes so you freely comment me  and I will solve your problem. So i waiting for your comment.

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